Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Farm Fresh Mint Desk

When I first saw this little desk I fell in love. I loved the detail of the little columns and the ball feet were adorable!

 I'm not going to was in pretty rough shape! The finish was chipping off, there was dust, mold, missing trim and the pieces that cover the back of the drawers was beyond repair.

I think there might have even been squirrels living in one of the drawers! But OH the potential!

First I started with the repairs......with a quick trip to home depot I was able to have new pieces cut for the backs of the drawers (I just love that they cut your lumber for you) I also was able to find a piece of trim that was close enough to the original to replace the missing piece. I lightly sanded the flaking finish and cleaned off all of the dust and mold. I removed the hardware that was rusted, but I just loved it! I really wanted to save it, so I sanded it lightly to remove as much rust as I could then cleaned it with hemp oil and a rag, it turned out beautiful!

Then the fun part began! I love choosing colors! This desk was so dark, I just wanted to lighten her up! I chose a pretty feminine mint green. 

 I also have this thing.....I don't know if you've noticed? When pieces have beautiful wood tops, I just love to sand them down, get all that ugly varnish off and start over with a gorgeous stain and sealed with hemp oil. It wears well and adds so much beauty and contrast to a piece.

  Here I just really love how the dark top is mirrored by the dark hardware.

 I was thrilled when I started to see the chipping happening! I just think this natural chipping gives the piece a natural aged look. I love when things look like they have a story......and I love to imagine all the places it's been. I wonder how many people have sat at this desk in the past, and the letters that may have been written here!

Of course as always I had fun styling this piece to photograph it! I use old books for everything!! I love the texture and height they can add.

This little lamp is another diy project. The lamp itself was a $5 thrift store find. I covered the lampshade with linen and hand painted our initial on it. I love how it looks when it's turned on.

 Just look at those feet now! This has been another of my favorite projects, this piece just made such a dramatic transformation! Go ahead......scroll back up to the befores! I took this little sweetheart to the shop at Resurrect Antiques yesterday, and she's ready to be the gem of someones home. This solid wood desk is priced $295.00.

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