Friday, May 27, 2016

The Chippy Blue Desk

Desks are just so much fun and this one didn't disappoint! It was in fairly good condition with the exception of the top. Once again it had that same old boring 70's stain. The pulls were great, and the drawers were all in great shape,  so I knew this an easy one. So here are the befores! I remembered!! Sometimes I get so excited to start a project I forget to show you what it looked like before I started.........and as you can see I already started sanding the top when I remembered!!
If you look carefuly you can see a sneak peek of my next project back there.......I have a HUGE plan for that one! I can't wait to share!!
When I decide to stain a portion of a piece of furniture, one of my favorite parts is the sanding. It's like opening a present when I start to get all of that ugly old stain off of the wood and the beautiful grain starts to show through......then staining and finally finishing it with hemp oil.....It just doesn't get much better than that!

I get bored easily and my paint supplies are starting to I decided to mix a custom color on this one! I love milk paint! I just love the magic that happens once you add water to that fabulous powder! When the pigments start to absorb the moisture and you see the color develop right before your eyes! I wanted this desk to be a blue/green color. So I mixed 2 parts Bergre, 1 Part Mint, and 1 Part Ironstone (white). I LOVE the color that I came up with! I'll be using this again for sure!
So what does it look like now? Show us the finished desk already!! Ok........I really do love how this little desk turned out! It would be a great addition to any students room, or a nice place to sit and read your favorite blogs ;) or it would even make paying bills just......maybe..... a little more pleasant!
Isn't it adorable? I have wanted a piece to chip like this for me FOREVER!! I was so excited when I saw the chipping starting to happen! There is just nothing me than the look of an authentic painted piece. I love to make up stories in my mind about when it was brand new......who bought it, and where it has been since then! I know.......I'm a little weird ;)
 I know this look isn't for everyone.......but just look at that yummy chippiness!!

 The top is one of my favorite parts too......I know what isn't right? But look at that beautiful wood grain. I love the contrast of the dark stain with the blue paint.
This one was hard to not keep......but now it's in it's temporary home at Resurrect Antiques. I've priced it only $225! Do you have a perfect spot for it in your home?

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  1. Just beautiful!!!! Have a desk just like this one, thanks for the inspiration!!!