Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Bergere Buffet

Well hello there.....and welcome to my first official Dove & Olive Branch post! While I've dabbled in selling painted furniture and enjoyed painting furniture for my self, I've recently decided.....or maybe been talked into starting this little business. Dove & Olive Branch will be located in a lovely little room inside Resurrect Antiques in Valley, AL. I haven't blogged in years, but I'm excited to not only share my transformations with all of you, but bits and pieces of my life along the way.

So without further adieu I'd like to introduce you to my first project! The Bergere Buffet. I purchased this piece in my dabbling phase. happened, I got pregnant....sick....had a baby.....didn't sleep much, well you get the picture. What was a beautiful little buffet sat in a shed that I didn't know was leaking for at least 2 years. When I went to retrieve her I wanted to cry! The veneer was peeling off the sides and top and there was a little water damage to the feet, but everything else seemed to be ok! While most people would have immediately taken her to the dump, I saw a little life still shinning through and I knew she could be beautiful again! I was so excited to get started I forgot to take before photos! And now that I'm looking at the afters......I'm kicking myself! I wish you all could have seen this piece before her transformation!

Well, I peeled what veneer was loose, then soaked and scraped the rest off. I was so happy to see what I knew would be beautiful tongue and groove wood under the veneer on the top. I sanded the top with several grits of sand paper until I achieved a silky smooth finish and patched the feet where they were damaged. The prep work on this piece took a whole day to complete, not my favorite part by far! I'm so glad I took the time to do it though!

I love using milk paint. The oldest painted surfaces on earth were colored with a form of milk paint. Cave drawings and paintings were made with a simple composition of milk, lime, and earth pigments. When King Tutankhamen's tomb was opened in 1924, artifacts including models of boats, people, and furniture found inside the burial chamber had been painted with milk paint. It provides a durable beautiful finish and only contains five all-natural ingredients – milk protein (casein), limestone, clay, chalk and natural pigments. When sanded lightly and finished with wax it has a super silky soft finish. For this piece I decided to use a beautiful blue grey color called Bergere and finished it with white wax to give the paint a faded worn look.

One of the handles was missing, so I decided to replace the pulls on the doors with these beautiful porcelain and brass knobs. I loved how they matched the origninal pulls and looked like they had always been there.

I decided to give the top a dark stain to bring out the grain of the wood and then sealed it with Hemp Oil. Hemp oil is a solvent-free oil finish that provides a protective, water-resistant surface. It penetrates to protect from the inside out and doesn't  leave a surface film that will chip or scratch.  It's also a food safe oil! Perfect for table tops or cutting boards.

Of course being a photographer I had fun styling this piece to document it's transformation! I find that I want to keep each piece that I do, but for that I'd need a bigger house......and bank acount! So this little beauty now resides in my booth at Resurrect Antiques. If you are interested in adding her to your family feel free to stop in or message me for more information!

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