Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Beast V2.0

So while this piece has been in the store for a couple weeks, I have really been meaning to tell it's story! It started out with a huge dresser I painted for the store. I really thought this was the biggest heaviest piece of furniture I have ever seen! It had a lot of carving and was difficult to took 4 coats!! Then I had to sand it and wax it......I really thought my arm was going to fall off! Honestly it still hasn't recovered all the way, I got some kind of a tennis elbow thing going that a thing? It should be! I guess with proper rest it would have gotten better, but really who has time for that? Anyway Lena and I affectionately named the dresser "The Beast" forward........I am always on the lookout for furniture. Of course I want good solid wood pieces. It doesn't bother me if a little repair work needs to be done, I just want the piece to be of excellent quality when I'm done. With the recent craze in furniture painting lately it's gotten increasingly harder and harder to find decent prices. I have been so discouraged with Craig's List and Thrift Stores recently. The prices they are charging leave no room for profit and honestly most of the pieces aren't worth what they are asking even if this wasn't a business.........but I still check. So a friend told me to stop by a particular store, she said it was a good one. I wasn't holding out much hope, but I thought why not! AND there it was! Right as I walked in the front door I saw the most beautiful credenza! I cautiously walked over to look at the it several times to make sure I was seeing it right, asked a clerk, yes it was correct! Let's just say I almost felt guilty it was such a steal! I got in line and bought it right away before I even finished my shopping.......can you tell I've learned by experience not to take any chances on something walking out the door while I'm busy doing other things? I'm not used to having other people load stuff for me, but they said drive around the side of the building and we'll get you all loaded! So around I went, and these two nice men brought my baby out on a cart and with a little huffing and puffing, struggling and sighing it was loaded. I didn't know for a minute there if it was going to took up the WHOLE back of the van!
Confession time.......I may or may not have made fun of the guys that loaded it when I was talking on the phone to my husband. I know, how mean right? It just seamed like a guy on each could have gone in a lot faster and easier! Well when I got home my husband and I were going to unload this piece and get it in the house for me to work on later in the week. Well..........honestly people, this thing was so heavy we barley got it out of the van! There is sat in the drive way and my husband and I looked at each other and he said "this is as far as it goes, you're going to have to paint it in the driveway!" Ack!! I knew it couldn't stay in the driveway for any amount of time.....if you know anything about the South you know it can rain at literally any moment! The last thing I wanted was for this gorgeous piece to get wet and ruined!

So I mixed my paint........turned on some tunes and went to work! I can't believe I got it all done in one day! OH!! I almost could I forget?!! Although I'm sure this piece will probably be used as a buffet, it started it's life as a credenza, part of an office suite. It seems one of the file drawers was locked.....and we didn't have a key! So google right? How to pick a tube! A video that will work! Well.......let's just say I would never make it as a cat burglar! Once again my awesome husband to the rescue, he said he would use his oscillating saw, slide it in the crack of the drawer and saw off locking bar inside. I guess by the look on my face he knew I had doubts! I could just see this piece being ruined because we hacked up the drawer......the perfectly smooth sliding gorgeous drawer by trying to free the lock. worked like a charm!!! So painted a nice soft gray, sanded silky smooth, distressed, and waxed, back in the car it went and delivered to the store first thing the next morning!

So now that you have been so patient and listened to me ramble on.........may I present what we have now dubbed "The Beast V2.0"  Where are the pretty styled photos you ask........well remember we couldn't get it in the house.....or out of the driveway, so here it sits in the store where the lighting is poor, but hopefully you can see how beautiful it turned out! This piece would make a gorgeous addition to someone's dinning room or a large office!

As always this piece is now in the store at Resurrect Antiques, you really need to check it out if you've never been there! See that fabulous tobacco basket in the top photo? There are a few left!! They are authentic and so hard to find! Just one of the many treasures you will find at Resurrect!!

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